MVP Trainees

Here is a list of our top overachievers! These hard workers have earned their MVP status through their dedication and consistency! 


Sophia ****


Age 11

Goal: Successfully complete a muscle up!

Favorite Activity/Sport: American Ninja Warrior

Bio: Sophia is not afraid of any challenge! She does not back down from any obstacle in her way and that will inevitably lead to success in whatever she does.

She earned her fourth gold star for successfully completing

3 sets of 6 chin ups on hanging rings with her false grip!


Lucas ****


Age 10

Goal: Become stronger and more explosive to dominate on the court!

Favorite Activity/Sport: Basketball

Bio: Lucas is dedicated to the sport of basketball. His love for the game drives him to constantly push himself to be the best. He is excited to work hard so he can play in the NBA one day, just like his idol Paul George.

He earned his fourth gold star for hitting his best two foot vertical jump, one foot vertical jump and broad jump...all in the same 30 minute workout!

Anthony *

Age 10

Goal: Continue to increase athleticism and lean strength!

Favorite Activity/Sport: Bike and scooter riding, basketball, relay races

Bio: Anthony has made an amazing change towards his goals, but what is most impressive is his change in attitude, confidence and mindset. Anthony has shown some of the most growth among our clients. He is only at the beginning of his journey to greatness and he is already inspiring our coaches and other athletes among his age. We are super excited to see his continued growth!